Top Ten 2007
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End of year awards

first, some thoughts:

  • this seemed to be the year of the woman for me. the top three films had major roles for women and one of them #2) was written by a woman. the best actress category was the toughest of the year for me, there were five performances that could have competed with last year's two winners (ellen page [before she was popular] and meryl streep). a couple best actress performances that i didn't list were lauren german in hostel II (probably won't appear on any other "best of" list for the year) and hilary swank in freedom writers. the other three were so good that i listed them as co-winners.
  • the year's viewing was mostly centered on u.s. productions, but i mixed it up fairly well other than that. saw a good number of films in the theater, saw a lot of films for the second, third or greater time. there wasn't really a theme for the movies i saw this year. i did revisit a lot of classics, in part because of meryl's film class and in part because i'm trying to get meryl more exposed to films i consider great.
  • at least two films were highly disappointing: into the wild and there will be blood. both had redeeming qualities (the soundtrack and cinematography for both, the performances for there will be blood), but neither were amazing. there will be blood was particularly disappointing since i love anderson's work so much. this year's dramas didn't do much for me.
  • meryl's top ten and individual awards will be listed below in green, mine will be in white/yellow.



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    10. Rendition- well-structured piece that shows the power of time in storytelling.
    9. Shoot 'Em Up - a fun romp through all the action film conventions. took a while for most of the audience to get, but i think they were on board once they realized that the whole thing was a joke.
    8.Michael Clayton - nicely shot and put together picture. clooney and (especially) wilkinson were very good.
    7. Sicko - moore is always good for some controversy, laughs, thoughtful filmmaking, and a good time.
    6. Zodiac - longish, but solidly done flick.
    5. No Country For Old Men - very good film that didn't blow me away and didn't quite earn the hype, but grew on me as i looked back on it. looking forward to watching this one again.
    4. Invasion - might be my favorite version of the four, it's definitely the most heady. well done by the same director as downfall and das experiment.
    3. Knocked Up - after watching this a third time it really sunk in how good it is. the laughs were hearty and the heavy moments hit as hard as ever. a quality film.
    2. Juno - the top three were relatively light films. not sure if this was by design or what. perhaps i've just grown tired of people trying to say a lot and falling so pathetically short.
    1. Stardust - nothing really came close all year. just a fantastic and timeless film with a great cast. pure fun.

    10. Michael Clayton
    9. Mr. Brooks
    8. Rendition
    7. Zodiac
    6. No Country For Old Men
    5. Superbad
    4. Gone Baby Gone
    3. Knocked Up
    2. Stardust
    1. Juno

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    5. Lucky You - had actual expectations for this one as i like eric bana and curtis hanson (who directs). my suspicion with this one is that the studio got a hold of it which would explain the delayed release and awful results.
    4. Good Luck Chuck - dane cook isn't very funny and jessica alba's only asset is her (overrated) looks.
    3. Because I Said So - so old-fashioned and steeped in crappy chick-flickness that i could barely watch it.
    2. Ghost Rider - the worst comic book film i've seen and unappealing on almost every level. i like sam elliot, nick cage, and eva mendes and i still couldn't stomach this movie.
    1. Norbit - i went to the theater and paid to see the silence of the lambs prequel. walked out of that one because it was so boring, and opted for ghost rider instead. sat through all of that one so i could get a chance to see this one and (hopefully) make the price of admission somewhat worth it. turned out that i went from bad to awful to frighteningly bad. norbit is the kind of movie that makes you want to quit going to the theater. to summarize (as quoted from my original review): "it's got more senseless fat jokes than black people have afro picks. see? not funny. F."

    5. Because I Said So
    4. Good Luck Chuck
    3. Lucky You
    2. I Am Legend
    1. Into The Wild

    Best Actor
    Joaquin Phoenix - We Own The Night
    Jake Gyllenhaal - Zodiac
    Casey Affleck - Gone Baby Gone

    Best Actress
    Katherine Heigl - Knocked Up
    Ellen Page - Juno
    Claire Danes - Stardust
    Ellen Page - Juno

    Best Supporting Actor
    Robert De Niro - Stardust
    Javier Bardem - No Country For Old Men

    Best Supporting Actress
    Jennifer Garner - Juno
    Jennifer Garner - Juno

    Best Screenplay (Original/Adapted)
    No Country For Old Men

    Best Director
    Coen Brothers - No Country For Old Men
    Coen Brothers - No Country For Old Men

    Best Cinematography
    Darjeeling Limited
    Shoot 'Em Up
    Darjeeling Limited

    Best Ensemble Cast

    of the following: (* indicates that meryl saw it too)
    Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story*
    Great Debaters*
    Charlie Wilson's War*
    National Treasure: Book Of Secrets*
    I Am Legend*
    Fred Claus
    No Country For Old Men*
    Michael Clayton*
    Bee Movie*
    Before The Devil Knows You're Dead*
    American Gangster*
    Lions For Lambs*
    Darjeeling Limited*
    Hotel Chevalier*
    Dan In Real Life*
    Lars And The Real Girl*
    Gone Baby Gone*
    Planet Terror
    We Own The Night*
    Heartbreak Kid*
    Into The Wild*
    Good Luck Chuck*
    Zodiac (2x *)
    Shoot 'Em Up*
    Superbad (2x) (2x *)
    Simpsons Movie (2x)*
    I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry*
    Bourne Ultimatum
    Hills Have Eyes II
    Knocked Up (3x) (2x *)
    Talk To Me*
    Live Free Or Die Hard
    License To Wed*
    Evan Almighty*
    Ocean's 13*
    Hostel: Part II
    Mr. Brooks*
    Spider-Man 3*
    Lucky You*
    Daddy's Little Girls
    Reno 911!: Miami*
    Number 23
    Ghost Rider
    Music & Lyrics
    Because I Said So*
    Freedom Writers
    + (meryl only)...
    Golden Compass

    Best studio albums by one artist/group (no compilations or live albums)

    5. Beastie Boys - Mix-Up
    4. One.Be.Lo - R.E.B.I.R.T.H.
    3. Iron & Wine - Shepherd's Dog
    2. Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam
    1. Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild Soundtrack

    3. Amy Winehouse - Back To Black
    2. Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild Soundtrack
    1. Common - Finding Forever